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10 best movies I’ve seen this year and you have actually seen

10 Jan
The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would just like to point out that I’m not made of money so I have not seen movies like beasts of a southern wild and Armour. Those movies tend to play in Boston which is a 45 minute drive and then parking  is$20 so it ends up being a $40 trip.  I tend to stay at a theater near me that is also a very nice theater but only plays mainstream movies. I have seen some not all of the Oscar contenders like most people.

10. Moonrise Kingdom- The movie is Wes Anderson at his most quirky.The movie’s adult characters are all played by excellent actors and all are sort of idiotic but, are still likeable characters.  There is also a heartwarming romance between two young and troubled kids.

9. Ted- Hands down the funniest movie of the year and features one of Mark Wahlberg’s most charismatic  performances of his career.

8. The Avengers- The years biggest blockbuster is also the most entertaining movie of the year.

7. Django Unchained- If I was Ranking Tarantino movies. This would be the 2nd worst behind only Jackie Brown. The good news is that I’ve never given a Tarantino movie less than ***1/2 stars.

6. The Cabin in the Woods- A funny movie that hilariously and lovingly mocks horror movie cliches.

5. Silver Linings playbook- I went into this skeptical that this would be a Weinstein oscar manipulation movie but instead it’s a funny movie with a charismatic performance by Bradley Cooper who gets annoyingly overshadowed in the praise for this movie. He is in every scene of this movie. The reason he gets overshadowed in praise is his starring in a certain film franchise where a naked Asian guy jumps on him from the trunk of a car which is a damn shame.

4.  Skyfall- I’m loving mainstream movies making the change from tongue in cheek cheesiness to dark, serious, character focused movies. I know the dark knight trilogy started this trend but Skyfall used this form of dark blockbuster storytelling to better results.

3.  Looper- I remember reading an article declaring us in the golden age of genre movies. I agree completely with this years science fiction time travel movie Looper and last years Drive. This movie also includes my favorite line of the year. “I don’t want to talk about time travel or we’re going to be here all day making diagrams out of straws.” This line hilariously addresses the main flaw with most movies and TV shows (Lost) that use time travel. They take way too much time using exposition to explain the rules of time travel.

2. Argo- Ben Affelck not nominated for best director is a joke. Funny, thrilling, and a tad just a tad educational.

Movies I wished I placed at #1 but disappointed- The Hobbit or The dark Knight Rises

The real #1:

1. Lincoln- This movie is getting criticized for being too talky, why are people criticizing a movie that features one of best acted movies I’ve ever seen. I also think Spielberg found the perfect balance of historical accuracy and his patented majesty. I’m glad he didn’t go all out majestic since the movie is about a person Spielberg could have went all out majestic with. Thanks to a more grounded script Spielberg was able to add majestic moments in between more historically accurate depictions of the abolition of slavery.

Movies I’m ashamed I haven’t seen yet: Life of PI, Zero Dark Thirty, The Artist (from last year),

Movies I can’t believe I’ve seen instead of those movies: Snow White and the Huntsman, Taken 2, Men in Black 3,

Most Disappointing movies of the year: 1. The Hobbit (Make this one movie and it probably is a classic), 2. The Dark Knight Rises(Way too many plot holes), 3. Prometheus (Damon Lindelof should be asked to write only the beginning of a movie or TV show and bring in someone who will actually answer the questions he asks.)


I Don’t Have to Keep Writing but I will

14 Dec

Today December 14th is the last class of the semester. Over the course of the semester my job has been to take any topic that I’ve found interesting and write a blog about it. I had always been interested in box office over the course of the semester I’ve tried to both give people are interested in box office something new to think and those who aren’t interested in box office spike their interest even a little.

Before I started this blog we spent the first week or two just deciding what our blog should be about. I recall being nervous to say I was going to write about box office because I thought people might find this topic to be ridiculous. I however found people who are also interested in this topic and passionate, but I’ve also found that the people in my class didn’t find it too ridiculous and even if they would never find box office interesting in a million years they’ve still treated my love of the topic with much respect.

So now to the future and what it holds for this box office nerd. I will still keep writing posts, but I feel still haven’t completely figured out what my blog is yet. I know how to write box office analysis in my sleep because I read websites like Box Office Mojo and Box Office Prophets all the time. I’ve come to realize over this semester that I could probably write box office analysis for their sites better than those who already do it. Since I won’t be working for them it’s time to make this site more of my own.

I’ve found that my three favorite posts I’ve done so far are “Why it’s fun to be a Box Office Nerd,” “My collections,” and “Box Office History: The Big Parade.” What I’ve liked about the first two is you can see more of me in my writing. While I am a very analytical person I think analytical writing can sometimes make person seem robotic. In these first two posts I mentioned I’m writing about me and my love of movies and tied it to box office. The last post wasn’t even a class assignment, I did it on my own. What I found was that I ended up writing about my new found love of silent films instead of doing a complete box office analysis.

So in the future I’ll still do box office analysis because it’s fun to do and I’m good at it but I also think it’s time to make this website my own and take it out of the shadow of Box Office Mojo and Box Office Prophets.

Box Office Nerd Poll: Christmas Movies *Not an Informational post Informational posts are below this

12 Dec

Predicting a Weekend at the Box Office

1 Dec
English: Brad Pitt at the Burn After Reading p...

English: Brad Pitt at the Burn After Reading premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This upcoming weekend at the box office will not excite as much as previous weekends. Since The Hobbit is a mere two weeks away, it’s still easy to be excited about the box office, though.

1. Killing them Softly

There is really only one film I want to talk about going into this weekend, the Brad Pitt film Killing them Softly. This is the only new wide release this weekend, and critics have generally liked the film. The movie is in the gangster genre and features returns to this genre from James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta.

With that in mind, I could see the opening box office for this film reaching the double digit millions, but it will be close.

My prediction: $11 million/$35 million total

My Prediction vs the experts: 

Box Office Mojo: $9.5 million

Entertainment Weekly: $8 million

The Hollywood Reporter: $8 million-$10 million

So what do you think of the box office prospects of this movie and The Hobbit coming in 2 weeks?

My Collections

27 Nov

The person with the closed eyes is me, Tom Atkinson. I do consider myself both a box office nerd and movie nerd in general.  I love watching movies, going to the movies, and talking about movies. I feel like over the course of this blog I’ve explained my love for movies. I feel that I should now show you my love for movies by showing some movie items that are special to me.

Here is a ticket stub from the Steven Spielberg film I saw this weekend, Lincoln. Most people, once they get the ripped stub, throw it away. I do something different.

I collect them. In 2006 I had just seen Click, not a great movie but significant in my creation of the stub wall. After seeing the movie, I  put the  annoying to carry around ticket stub by  my window in my room.  After the ticket stub staying there awhile, the sun had degraded it. I found the look of the stub to be cool so I decided to just keep it.

At the time I wasn’t aware of the possible future sentimental reasons for keeping the stub. I realized that these stubs could have symbolic and sentimental meaning. These ticket stubs could become the equivalent of taking a picture. These ticket stubs could essentially freeze a moment in time: instead of it just being used to gain entrance into a theater, the stub could offer memories of an experience had while attending the movie.

I’ve seen a lot of movies including some I’m not proud of. If you can see, despite the bad picture quality, I have a Year One ticket stub. That was a horrendous movie that I saw with my brothers. When I went, the theater was packed and no one laughed except my brothers. Everyone began to stare at us because their laughing was distracting and shocking due to the terrible movie quality.

This a great example of me taking a memory along with me from just a ticket stub. In my opinion objects only gain importance when we give them a certain value. So it doesn’t matter what the object is–if it’s important to you, it’s valuable.

Not every ticket stub has a fun story, but it’s important that every movie I see I keep the stub. My thought process is that in the future I’ll likely forget seeing the more forgettable movies on the wall, but I still might take enjoyment out of remembering what the hell some of these movies were I went to see.

I’ve seen so many movies that I ended up running out of room and had to get another bulletin board. For some reason it’s only a half bulletin board and I’m going to need another bulletin board. If there’s anybody reading this who has a spare bulletin board, let me know.

This is my TV at home; it’s kind of hard to see, but there’s a blu ray player under my cable box. Next to my blu ray player are a pile of blu rays and DVDs. That leads me to my other collection of:

A lot of DVDs. My DVD collection contains different types of movies and TV shows. I used to always love buying a new movie, bringing it home and watching it once and then never watching the DVD again. Clearly watching a DVD only once after buying it at a store for $20 is a waste of money. That’s why my collection has failed to grow exponentially over the last year. I’ve slowly started to just watch a movie I want to see “on demand” instead of spending my money.However, if there’s a movie I feel I have to own and I will watch repeatedly, then I feel it’s worth joining my DVD collection.

I feel that I have shown you all my passion for movies with my collection of movie stubs and DVDs. I would like to hear now about anything of sentimental value that you collect.

Box Office Nerd Poll

19 Nov

Why it’s fun To be a Box Office Nerd

12 Oct

As someone who loves movies I had started to develop a curiosity about how much a movie I like made. I’m sure some have that same curiosity at one point, but how do take that curiosity and turn it into nerd level of knowledge? It’s easy you’ll come to realize movie Box Office is a fun fixation.

The key is to start small all you have to do is have a favorite movie one you have an undying love for.  Then have some curiosity about how much money it made. Say you’re a girl and your favorite movie is “Twilight “, or you’re me and your favorite movie is “Saving Private Ryan“. As you can see the level of box office information available to you is large. Looking at the level of detail of the information it is likely at this point you’re most basic curiosity over how much your favorite movie made has been satisfied.

Or after seeing this information you want to learn more about how much movies made. then it would be good to start here.  You can navigate through the site for a while and satisfy all your curiosity or you could still be more curious.

A popular phrase in Movie ads is the #1 movie in America. That phrase means the movie that made the most money over the weekend.  Well how much did the current #1 movie in America make and what did some previous #1 movies in America make?

After navigating the large level of information available you might start to realize what makes box office fun. Movie box office is sort of a cross between a statistical study and a guessing game. It’s a statistical study because the behaviors of audiences are studied in depth on a weekend by weekend basis.  For example this weekend’s box office was statistically analyzed in depth by Box Office Prophets.

Movie box office is also a fun guessing game as well. If curiosity has begun to take on nerd qualities and you realize guessing box office is fun then you’ll be able to take past box office data and apply it to future movies.

The fun can start as early as a month in advance because in this age of internet movie tickets can be bought well in advance. Twilight has already started selling a record amount of tickets over a month in advance. Another big movie The Hobbit will start selling tickets well in advance also starting November 7th over a month before its release.

So as you can see in this age of internet and instant gratification it is very easy to become a nerd in an unexpected subject.  To think you were only just a little curious to start with.